Couple set by Seven Sajada

Couple set Prayer Mats by Seven Sajada.
Are you looking for the perfect engagement or wedding gift? At Seven Sajada we always ensure a beautiful packaging and we also listen to special requests - please reach out to us if you want us to help with your next couple set.

For example, the premium Blossom collection consist of 7 different prayer mat colours, that can create an amazing couple set.

Seven Sajada - Gift box

Are you looking for a matching masbaha too?
The Bordeaux Quartz masbaha is one of our most popular and very likely to be matched with our premium Blossom prayer mat in white📿😍 what is your opinion about this combination? 🌷

Seven Sajada - Gift box with Tasbih


You are always welcome to reach out to us in order to match the perfect Couple set. This is a great opportunity to surprise your beloveds with and amazing and meaningful gift set. Explore our entire collections of amazing Premium Prayer Mats or find inspiration on our Instagram